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Which Gutter System is best?

seamless guttering

The process of choosing a gutter system requires one to be keen on a few factors. One must have the right balance between materials used and the shape of the gutters. If you live in a home with many trees near the roofline, you will need to choose a larger gutter. The same condition applies if you have a large roof area.

Types of Guttering

There are different materials used in the making of a gutter. The materials range from inexpensive aluminium to expensive copper. The kind of material one chooses should be a reflection of personal taste that complements the style of the home. Based on the amount of drainage expected to pass through the gutter, you should be able to make a decision to use a bracket or spike hangers. Other things that you should consider when choosing the hangers is the expected amount of leaf the system and other debris the system is expected to handle.

The size

The size of a typical gutter usually ranges between 4-6 inches in width. However, a larger roof will require a wider gutter system. On average, the 5-inch system will just be fine for a normal house while a 6-inch system will do well for a house with a large roof area or a house situated near many trees.

The shape

The shape of the gutter is also an important consideration that one must make. There is no prescribed shape; it all depends on personal preference. Copper guttering is the most expensive but again the most durable option. It is often picked by high-end homeowners. Copper guttering is usually round while others are often U-shaped.

Seamless gutters

A seamless gutter system is an investment option that any homeowner can afford. It is a safe investment option because it lasts long and rarely sags. Choosing this system is the best for a homeowner working on a strict budget.

The method of attaching the gutter system is also of great importance. The spike hanger is a cheaper and easy to install option. Bracket hangers are a bit expensive but bound to hold the gutter well.

A homeowner should invest in a leaf screen on top of the gutter if the home is situated in an area where there are many trees and high probability of leaves and twigs. This investment will add to the initial cost but save on maintenance cost.


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