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Landscaping: The Best Way To Improve The Value Of Your Home

There are several ways to improve the value of your home and landscaping is amongst the most promising and long term investment to improve the external appearance of your home. Well, most homeowners feel it is very essential to remodel or renovate the old interiors of their home to increase its value, but external appearance does matter quite a lot. Besides improving aesthetics, a perfectly designed landscape offers other benefits like better privacy, reduce pollution (noise and air), increased safety and save money on energy expenses. However, you need to pay attention to those aspects of landscaping that provide good returns because not all aspects improve the home value.

Trees: Almost all home improvements decrease in value as time passes by, but only landscaping is one such home improvement that increases the value with time. Trees being the largest and permanent facet of landscaping, hence planting a few trees with proper placement will definitely increase the home value and the aesthetic appeal of the property. Not just this, but if you plant trees along the east and west side of your house, it will keep your house shaded and cool by blocking direct sunlight into your home. Your energy bills will also reduce considerably. And during winters, the trees will reduce ambient heat loss, block the wind and protect it from damage.

Shrubs: Shrubs look attractive and its value depends on their life-span and beauty. To get the best return on home value, shrubs like camellias, rhododendrons etc. are planted by most home owners. Along with visual appeal, shrubs act as a buffer against the noisy surroundings if planted along the perimeter. It also increases the privacy and protects the home from damage. It acts as insulation for the property too.

Grasses: The home value is considerably increased by the type of grass in your lawn. Having lush green lawn will definitely add charm and worth to your property rather than just an arid land of dirt. A low lying lawn with low maintenance and xerophytic grass will add more value to your property.

Annuals and Perennials: These are short lived ornamental plants that add beauty to your landscape. Though short lived, planting annuals and perennials must be considered to increase the overall appeal of your landscape and value of your home.

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